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a good story, a sense of possibility, abstaining from italicized font, alphabetical order, ani difranco, art?, baking things, battlestar galactica, beauty, becoming a hopeless romantic, boys, co-ops, coffee, creativity, crushes on everyone, cuddling, desales harrison, deutsch, deutschland, ernest hemingway, eternal sunshine, everything left unsaid, f. scott fitzgerald, faith, foreheads, giggling at hipsters, ginger, girls, glass bottles, god, having a phone number, hindu art, hinduism, house of leaves, i and thou, india, j. alfred prufrock, jealousy, krušovice, köstritzer, lclc, letters from my dad, listing good things, living, loving you, making amends, making out, making sushi, making the impossible possible, meng!, needless worrying, neutralizing free radicals, nonverbal communication, not getting caught, not sleeping, oberlin, oberlin college, open 24 hours, passion, paul tillich, peace corps, people who give hugs, perspective, pick-up lines, poetry, pretending to play guitar, proper grammar, reading pretentious books, regina spektor, religion, religions, religious studies, religious tattoos, rochester, rugby, sarcasm, secrets, sharpies, snuggling, spirituality, sushi, swimming in lakes, tattoos of the pyramids, tea, the hours, the navidson record, the smell of laundromats, the space between words, the world/inferno friendship society, thich nhat hanh, thick bracelets, this sort of thing, thomas stearns eliot, time, traveling anywhere, trees with yellow leaves, truth, truth and beauty bombs, turkmen, turkmenistan, used book stores, veganism, vegetarianism, wanting the impossible
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