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rara aviz 06: Leslie is talking to you now. It is important.

veggiewomanstr: Ok.
veggiewomanstr: Hi Leslie.
veggiewomanstr: How are you?

rara aviz 06: my dearest liz hamilton: it is my duty to inform you that you are missing something of vital import

veggiewomanstr: What am I missing, dear Leslie?

rara aviz 06: something of such cultural significance and mind bending power that the want of it can drive one mad
rara aviz 06: there are certain sounds that humans have strung together to create these unique phenomena known as "songs" or "music"

veggiewomanstr: ah-huh...

rara aviz 06: in the last decade of the twentieth century (CE) a small group of women (referred to as a "band" by contemporary culture) came together to create such "songs"
rara aviz 06: these women were responsible for what is referred to as "pop-culture", which is a collection of references to contemporary "music" "art" and moving pictures with sound called "films" or "movies"

veggiewomanstr: Are you seeing the Spice Girls?

rara aviz 06: Sometimes these "bands" gave themselves tribal names to distinguish themselves from other such tribes
rara aviz 06: The aforementioned tribe decided that since they were fond of herbs and had personalities that many considered "caillente" they should be known as "The Spice Girls" (they will be hereafter known as such in this publication)

veggiewomanstr: Oh dear.

rara aviz 06: One of the songs produced by the "Spice Girls" was a tune known to attract many a mate. This song instructed the listener to "Slam [their] body down" because "the party [was] all around"
rara aviz 06: It seems as though the party is still, indeed, all around, however this message has not yet reached many parts of the globe.
rara aviz 06: Former Soviet States (in particular Turkmenistan) have never experiened the joy and satsfaction that one garners from the body-slammin' tunes produced by these herbed women. It has long been considered the duty of those in first world countries to bring their culture with them and impose it on others as they travel so as to improve the lives of all concerned.
rara aviz 06: Won't you please do your part to help bring the Word of these sages (get it? sage is a spice) to the rest of the world so that the Turkmen may partake in this great ritual?
rara aviz 06: Leslie says that's the best she can do and if you're not convinced, there's nothing more she can do.

veggiewomanstr: I'm slightly tempted. But no.

rara aviz 06: LIZ!
rara aviz 06: SAGES!

veggiewomanstr: Listen, I got stuff to do.


veggiewomanstr: We're not allowed to evangelize!

rara aviz 06: I am not asking you to evangelize. Leslie is asking you to evangelize. I am evangelizing YOU and asking YOU TO BRING IT FOR YOUR OWN DAMNED BENEFIT.

veggiewomanstr: No.

(This is my sister/Leslie trying to convince me to bring The Spice Girls to
Turkmenistan. The answer remains no.)
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