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Good things from the last week or so:


The lack of weird things happening in Oberlin. That is to say, staying with Shades and never once being in a position where I had to say, "Shades, that portion of my life is over. Back off."

Decafe smoothies.

PLAYING RUGBY OH MY GOD YES. I brought my cleats and mouthguard on the off-off-chance that they might possibly need an extra player for Saturday's game. Rachel and I showed up just in time for Thursday's practice, and apparently they needed just one more second row player. How convenient that I am a second row! How convenient that I went to as many practices as the other girls! HOW FUCKING SWEET THAT I GOT TO PLAY RUGBY WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS DONE FOR TWO YEARS!

Meeting Farhad, who is FROM TURKMENISTAN. REALLY. I woke up on Friday morning and Rachel handed me a cell number scrawled on a scrap of paper. "What's this?" "Shades left it for you. It's the number of a guy from Turkmenistan." "WHAT?!" The first morning I'm in town, Shades meets a boy from Turkmenistan at work, who happens to be an Oberlin student. We had coffee that night. He didn't tell me a whole lot about his country that I didn't know, but he was so excited that I was going that I'm now even more excited about going. He also gave me his parents number in Ashgabat and made me promise to call them and have dinner at their house, that he'd tell them I was coming. This after knowing him for ten minutes. Wow. Just...wow.

And now, live Joseph Arthur album. Holy shit. Ben Lee, I might need two husbands.
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