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Dear Ben Lee,

I feel compelled to list the reasons you gave at the concert tonight that I should immediately turn straight and marry you.

Number one, you covered "Brick" by Ben Folds, and while I was making the amusing connection that both of you are named Ben, you paused in the middle of the song and said, "We should call Folds and sing it to him." And then you ran to your car (which was parked conveniently behind the stage), seized your phone, and called up Ben Folds, who did not answer, but you said to his voicemail, "Hey Foldsie, I'm at Vassar and I'm giving a concert and we're going to sing Brick to you. Just the chorus. (and we sing the chorus) I'll talk to you later."

Number two, while doing your "second bad guitar solo," as you struck the first note. the cord attached to your guitar fell out. Twice in a row. And you gracefully said, "That's actually not the joke." (The joke being the solo, which quickly turned into "Stairway to Heaven.")

Number three, you forgot the words to your own song, twice, and consequently made up new ones that were probably just as awesome.

Number four, you dedicated a song to the person whose high beam headlights were in your face.

Number five, while dueling guitars with your backup, you said, "Nick, I want to play my solo on your guitar." And promptly traded guitars.

Number six, you just looked like you were having the time of your life doing this show.

For all of the above reasons, I want to be the girl who makes you a real rockstar and gives you blowjobs on stage. Let's go elope. Okay? Okay.

Love, Liz.

P.S. No matter what my sister says, the fact that she's wanted to marry you for the last year does not give her priority. Don't listen.

ETA: P.P.S. You wrote a song called "What would Jay-Z do?" and it rocked my life. Further proof that you are amazing and destined to be my husband.
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